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The Yurt at Thornham, Norfolk

by Shake Paws

There’s nothing like a refreshing winter walk along the dog-friendly beach at Thornham in north-west Norfolk. The chilling breeze off the North Sea will put wind back in your sails, especially when you’ve had one too many vinos the night before. Finding a nice dog-friendly place to enjoy a freshly cooked breakfast, lunch or a satisfying evening meal at the end of that walk rounds things off nicely.

When we venture out to Thornham, one of our favourite places to eat is La Campagna, more commonly known as The Yurt. La Campagna serves Mediterranean-style food alongside traditional British fare, including the good old British Sunday roast and, yes, The Full English! Vegetarians aren’t a second-thought either, with plenty of alternatives to the lazy chef’s standard response of mushroom risotto.

Pooch is also well looked after, with water always available, and the friendly staff can often be seen surreptitiously dispensing treats.

When you’ve had your fill, chances are you’ll be in the mood for another walk – this time to shed a few pounds.

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