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Help! I can’t walk my dog…

by Shake Paws

Have you ever wondered what would happen to your dog if you were incapacitated or taken into care? The Cinnamon Trust is one solution…

Barney and Fern, Nicola BatheBarney and Fern, two of The Cinnamon Trust’s long-term foster dogs. Photo: The Cinnamon Trust/Nicola Bathe

The Cinnamon Trust is a UK national charity for the elderly, the terminally ill and their pets. Since its formation in 1985 by Averil Jarvis, the trust has helped thousands of people and their pets. Yes, the trust doesn’t just cater for dogs. Cats, birds and tortoises have all benefited from the work of the trust’s nationwide network of volunteer carers and fosterers.

Until we came across The Cinnamon Trust’s website last year, like many, we’d never really thought about what would happen to Roma if something awful befell us. We don’t fit into the elderly bracket quite yet, but, as they say, anything can happen.

Audrey and Penny’s case study is just one example of the trust’s fine work:

Audrey is blind. She always had dogs and looked after them beautifully. Devastated when her old dog died, she contacted us. At about the same time, Penny, a lovely black cocker spaniel, aged 10, was deeply traumatised by her owner’s death. She needed one-to-one care, and fast. Audrey and Penny have been inseparable ever since. Penny goes everywhere with Audrey and, as far as all the shops are concerned, Penny is Audrey’s guide dog! They are a perfect pair – meant to be!
The Cinnamon Trust

The trust’s national network of 15,000 volunteers is there to help when any aspect of day-to-day care proves to be a problem, such as a housebound owner being unable to walk their dog. The Cinnamon Trust also provides longer-term care when an owner dies or is taken into a care home with a ‘no dogs’ policy. In such cases, the trust endeavours to keep owner and dog in touch through visits, photos and letters.

It’s useful to know that when things aren’t going your way, there’s someone to look out for your pets.

You can help…

If you’re interested in volunteering for The Cinnamon Trust, there’s a registration form on the charity’s website. The site also has a map that shows where there is urgent demand for dog walkers and short-term foster care.

The Cinnamon Trust