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Test report: Victorinox Classic SD Swiss Army pocket tool

by Shake Paws

Victorinox’s Classic SD pocket tool, with its numerous uses, should be the car keyring of choice for every dog walker

Victorinox Classic SD Swiss Army pocket toolThe Victorinox Classic SD Swiss Army pocket tool is ideal as a keyring

Advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather may have coined the phrase ‘Don’t leave home without it’ for credit card firm American Express back in 1975, but, for me, the company that truly owns the slogan is Victorinox, the Swiss company famed for its range of multitools.

One in particular has stood the test of time, the Classic SD Swiss Army pocket tool, which is small enough and light enough to double as a car keyring. And that is exactly where mine lives, so that this handy little item is in my pocket nearly every time I leave the house.

With six tools made from the same Swiss precision-made stainless steel as its larger brethren, it has come in handy on many occasions, from cutting away snagged tent guidelines to using the tweezers to remove a discarded fisherman’s hook caught up in our dog Roma’s leg. Of course, there is also a plastic toothpick. How often have you finished lunch and regretted not having access to a toothpick before heading back to work?

The full list of tools reads: small blade, nail file with screwdriver, scissors, keyring, toothpick and tweezers, all packed into a casing that is a mere 58mm long.

Highly recommended and available from Amazon US ($16.59) or Amazon UK (£13.99) in a range of colourways.

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