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Topsy, with Lurcher SOS Sighthound Rescue

by Shake Paws

Meet Topsy, a 10- to 12-month-old Whippet x Spaniel rescue, or Whippiel if you prefer, currently in foster with Lurcher SOS

Topsy, a Whippet x rescue with Lurcher SOS Topsy needs you. Photo: Lurcher SOS

Little Topsy exudes love from the tip of her nose to the end of her tail, both towards other dogs and people. She is spotlessly clean around the house and sleeps well at night, according to her current fosterer.

Lurchers are affectionate, loveable and enjoy a bit of fun. They are quick learners, great companions and perfect for families who enjoy getting outdoors. We know from experience that one walk a day will suffice, although two is better (for all concerned). Lurchers are quick, agile dogs that like nothing more than to charge around on open ground. Once back home, though, they are generally docile creatures, happy to curl up on the sofa or lie flat out on their backs, paws pointed skywards.

Of Topsy, Lurcher SOS says:

Well look who has arrived at Lurcher SOS. One of the sweetest and cutest young girls we have ever had. She is only 19.5in to the shoulder and no more that 10 or 12 months old. She is a perfect mix of submissive and playful with the other dogs and really loves people too. She has been spotlessly clean in the house and sleeps quietly at night. She is just going to get her vaccinations, then please form an orderly queue.  We think she is most likely a Whippet x Spaniel or a Whippiel. Whatever she is, she is a darling little girl. How such a sweetie ended up in a pound is beyond me but someone’s loss and definitely our gain.

While based in the south of England, Lurcher SOS has re-homed dogs as far afield as Scotland and Wales.

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Lurcher SOS Sighthound Rescue

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