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When we set up the Shake Paws’ website, we did so out of our love for dogs. We continue to run the website today for that very same reason. It would be a lie to say we took no notice of the costs of running a website, because we had all of those costs – website design and hosting – written down in black and white. What we didn’t factor in, though, was how much of our time would be taken up by researching and writing for Shake Paws.

We will continue to devote as much time as possible to making more useful to dog owners, rescue shelters and dog service providers alike. Currently, though, the site leaves us out of pocket, month in and month out.

Supporting Shake Paws won’t cost you a penny. All we ask is that any time you shop at the online stores listed below, you do so by clicking our affiliate links. You will get the same great prices and services, but our affiliate partners will reward us for sending you their way.

Thank you in advance for supporting Shake Paws!