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Shake Paws’ Facebook friends tell the stories behind how they came to rescue their dogs

sp-dr-lead-576We posed the question; you came up with the answers

Back in November 2015, we asked our friends on Facebook to tell us the stories behind how they came to rescue their dogs. Below is a sample of those stories. Many are heart wrenching; fortunately, all have happy endings.

Ali Murray-Brown, Tia

sp-dr-tia-ali-murray-brown-576Tia found her way from an Irish pound to a loving home in England

“Tia is an Irish poundie rescue from Heathlands Animal Rescue in Royston. She’s wonderful,” said Ali.

Mary Conneely, Juliet

sp-dr-juliet-mary-conneely-576 Juliet was spared a dreadful life on a puppy farm

“Juliet was rescued from a container in Dublin Port in 2015, destined for a puppy farm at the age of one,” said Mary.

Rochelle Epstein, Layla

sp-dr-layla-rochelle-epstein-576Layla found her way from a pound in LA to her forever home in San Francisco

“Layla, my little baby, passed away in October 2010. After three months, I knew I could not live alone any more so the search started. At the time in San Francisco there were no fluffies only Chihuahuas and Pit Bulls. I did not want another Chi. My friend told me he was going to LA on business and that I had five days to find a new baby and he would bring her back to me,” said Rochelle.

“So I sat on PetFinder and PetHarbor and saw this matted mess sitting in a cage in the Carson Shelter. I emailed my friend and he told his friend who does rescue. She went to meet her, called me from the shelter and said I have a smelly black ball of fur sitting on my lap licking me. I said that’s it I want her for definite, so she was pulled, bathed, fed and the following day she came home to me.

“I called her Layla as she arrived at night and is black – Layla means ‘night’ in Hebrew. The rest is history, from pound to princess.

Traci Hankins, Bubby

sp-dr-bubby-traci-hankins-576Bubby has been living in the lap of luxury since 2014

Tracy rescued Bubby in 2014, from a shelter close to her home in Pennsylvania.

Jennifer Henderson, Nikita and Nya

sp-dr-nikita-nya-jennifer-henderson-576Nya (left) and Nikita came from entirely different backgrounds. Nya was neglected, mistreated and left on the street, while Nikita’s former owner was forced to give her up through no fault of his own

“I have two rescues, a Rottweiler and a Catahoula Leopard. Nikita is the Rottweiler and Nya is the Catahoula,” said Jennifer.

“I rescued Nikita four-and-half years ago – she turned 10 this February. I had just lost my Rottweiler Cassidi who was eight. I’ve had many Rottweilers over the years. About a month after I lost her, I wanted to get another Rottweiler. I wanted an older Rottweiler, so I called some rescues. A few weeks later I got a call from a man asking me if I would be interested in a five-year old female Rottweiler with papers. I asked him how much he wanted and he said that he was giving her away because he had lost his job. So Nikita did not come from a bad situation, it was just an unfortunate one.

“Nya, on the other hand, did. When I first moved into the place I’m living at now I saw her at the end of the park tied to a utility trailer. I did not want to take her, but in December 2014 it was freezing and she did not have any shelter. I would go over and feed and water her and I found someone to donate a dog house. Two weeks after that I was on my way out and when I opened the door, there she stood. When I got back two hours later she was still there. I took her back to where she was living and started to put her back on her chain, but she started crying and so I took her and her house back over to my place. I guess you could say I stole her. When the owners came home they could see her out there but made no attempt to come and get her. One day I saw the owner and asked him if he wanted her back, he said no, so I kept her.”

Klara Aginica Jovanovic, Lucky

sp-dr-lucky-klara-aginica-jovanovic-576Lucky found her way to a better life from a kill shelter in Serbia

“We adopted Lucky, rescued from a kill shelter in Serbia three years ago,” said Klara.

David Laucks

sp-dr-sherman-david-laucks-576 Sherman was saved from a puppy farm at four weeks old

“I rescued Sherman from a puppy mill when he was just four weeks old,” said David.

Kelly Marshall, Dolly

sp-dr-dolly-croatia-kelly-marshall-576Kelly was saved from almost certain death in Croatia

Kelly adopted Dolly (pictured) from a kill shelter in Croatia in October 2014. In August 2015 she took on Karla, this time from a Romanian kill shelter, then, in November 2015, Freddie, also from Romania, arrived in the Marshall household. We’d say that’s a full house!

Sierra Maske, Bandit

sp-dr-bandit-sierra-maske-576Bandit was saved from neglectful neighbours

“I got Bandit from the neighbours. If I didn’t, he would have been sitting by the road. I got him in 2011 and now he is four. I love this little guy. He is so much fun,” said Sierra.

Bobbi Toth, Jed

sp-dr-jed-bobbi-toth-576Jed was rescued and rehabilitated, receiving a complete hip replacement

Taking on a rescue dog is a noble thing to do; taking one on that has medical issues goes one step further.

“I first saw Jed in the pound looking sad and dejected. I had a mixed Lab/Dalmatian some years prior, so when I saw him with his head down, I fell in love,” said Bobbi.

“When I took him to the vet I learned that he had serious issues with his hip, so we went to the Ohio State Veterinary School, where he received a complete hip replacement, and a repair on his luxated patella. We had a very long recovery that took us through the fall and winter. But, once spring arrived we were both ready to get out and enjoy ourselves!

“I have no idea how old he is, nor anything about his background except that he was abandoned when he needed to be loved the most. Someone’s loss is most certainly my gain.”

Julie Tyler, Flynn

sp-dr-flynn-julie-tyler-576Flynn loves having Rock-a-bye Baby sung to him

“Our gorgeous Romanian rescue is called Flynn. We tell him all the time how we love him and why he’s always going to be okay now he has us.. He’s very keen on having Rock-a-bye Baby sung to him when he’s sleepy,” said Julie.

Kelly Whipperman, Emiko

sp-dr-emiko-kelly-whipperman-576 Abandoned in the woods with her brother, Emiko eventually caught on to a lucky streak

“We rescued Emiko from the Florida Panhandle. She was only three months old when they found her with her brother wandering around the woods. Emiko was my Christmas present. She is now nine and I love her more and more every day. Best Christmas present ever,” says Kelly.