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Shake Paws needs you…

by Shake Paws

… to tell us about the great work being done by your local dog rescue centre or shelter.

SP-rescues-lurcher-sos-peachy-peaches-576 Peachy Peaches. Photo: Lurcher SOS

Shake Paws is looking for new faces to feature in its Rescue Dog of the Week slot. So we thought we would ask you, our readers, and Facebook, Google+ and Twitter friends for your suggestions.

If our friends think their local rescue centre or shelter is doing a great job, then that’s good enough for us. All we ask is that you share a link to their website, Facebook page, Google+ page or Twitter account. We’ll get in touch when the time is right and talk about featuring one of their charges on this site.

Previously, Shake Paws has featured: Jet, a collie x lurcher; Peachy Peaches, a saluki cross; and Bashful, a border collie cross.

Please share your links on our Facebook or Google+ timelines, or mention @shakepaws in a Tweet that includes your link.

Thank you in advance for your help.