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Roma’s walks: the German Shepherd

by Shake Paws

A beautiful German Shepherd becomes the centre of our attentions at Old Hunstanton beach in Norfolk

German Shepherd digging at Old Hunstanton Beach, Norfolk Noname: the German Shepherd we look forward to meeting again

Often while out for a walk there are situations we encounter that hold our attention: the flight of a bird, a vintage airplane, a babbling brook, our dog’s reaction to an unfamiliar situation. Never, though, had we come across something that held us spellbound for a full three hours, until yesterday.

Windbreak up, comfy chairs positioned out of the sea breeze at one of our favourite dog-friendly beaches, Old Hunstanton, we settled in for the afternoon. Fifty feet or so away we noticed a beautiful German Shepherd, frantically digging a hole in the sand. If the German Shepherd’s owner hadn’t distracted her from time to time, she may well have dug a tunnel clear across East Anglia and the South East, and found her way to France.

But there was a lot more to this particular German Shepherd than mere beauty and tunnel-building expertise. When her owner tossed a ball across the sand, she would jink her way past other beachgoers (and their dogs), return and sit, waiting to go again. The entire time, nothing and nobody distracted her. If another throw wasn’t forthcoming, she would lie down for a while next to her owner, play with the three young children in the group or return to her digging.

It was like having free tickets to a major attraction. The pattern repeated itself time and again. Passing dogs might bark or growl, but she always ignored them, either returning to her duties or her owner. There was no sign of a lead and no indication one would ever be needed for this beautiful creature.

When her party got up to leave, the German Shepherd fetched her ball and went immediately to heel – no lead, no call, no whistle, no fuss. Her owner, 75 if she was a day and struggling with hip problems, simply petted her on the head and walked on.

German Shepherds are intelligent, loyal and generally friendly. But, like many dogs, they can be trained to be otherwise. Next week, we look forward to welcoming our first German Shepherd as Rescue Dog of the Week. In the meantime, if you’re interested in rescuing a member of this beautiful breed, German Shepherd Dog Rescue has just what you’re looking for.