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Puppies rescued from Italy avalanche site

by Shake Paws

According to a report on the BBC website, three puppies have been rescued alive from the ruins of a mountain hotel in Abruzzo, Italy, which was hit by an avalanche five days ago.

While the number of confirmed deaths has risen to seven, with 22 people still missing, the discovery of the puppies means there is hope people may have survived in air pockets.

The recovery of three shaggy white Abruzzo sheepdog pups meant there were still air pockets in the ruins, firefighters told reporters.

“We knew these dogs were there but we did not know where exactly,” one rescuer said.

“When we understood where they were, we warned the firemen, who were allowed to enter the structure. We located them in the boiler room. Now the priority is to get them seen by a veterinarian, even if at first glance it seems that they are in very good health.”

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