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Saving Susie-Belle

Saving Susie-Belle by Janetta Harvey

Saving Susie-Belle by Janetta Harvey tells the true story of a Miniature Schnauzer, imprisoned for six years in the concrete hell of a Welsh puppy farm before she found safety and a loving home with the author and her husband, Michel, in Surrey.

Food was in limited supply, with dogs given just enough to keep them alive. The callous owners of the puppy farm didn’t even give their breeding bitches names, just tied them up in dank, putrid-smelling, concrete pens and forced them to live as breeding machines. Those bitches that failed to produce puppies faced certain death. Fortunately for Susie-Belle, and a few others like her, rescue came before death.

A truly harrowing yet uplifting story.

If you would like to help rid the world of the evil that is puppy farming, there is more information on the Pup Aid website.

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