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Country file: My Life on the Land, by Adam Henson

Country’s Adam Henson’s My Life on the Land

Adam Henson was chosen from 3500 applicants to become a presenter on the BBC’s Countryfile. His agricultural knowledge and manner have made him a popular figure and in 2009, he began to present a weekly report from his own farm in the Cotswolds.

There, the ups and downs of the farming calendar, as told in Adam’s straight-talking fashion, soon became one of the most popular parts of the programme as viewers watched him endure the stress of TB testing and his sadness at losing valuable cattle as well as the highs of spring lambing.

Adam’s first book it is an enthralling, first-person account of the drama, emotion and sheer hard work that is life on Adam’s farm.

Adam is often seen working with dogs and known for visiting the Border Collie Trust, a Staffordshire-based charity.

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