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Own a piece of Pooch & Mutt

by Shake Paws

Want to become a part owner in a fast-growing company? Pooch & Mutt is giving its customers the opportunity to do just that

Pooch & Mutt achievements and plans for the future The graphic shows Pooch & Mutt’s achievements to date and its plans for the future

Ethical dog food producer Pooch & Mutt says it will be launching a crowd-funding campaign in the near future that will give its customers the opportunity to own part of the company.

“We have huge plans for the future and we want as many people to join us on the ride as possible,” said a company spokesperson. “High-quality products and customer satisfaction are keys to our success to date, and we want to keep this focus moving forward, so it makes sense to get our customers to own the company with us, and to help shape its future. To do this we are going to launch a crowd-funding campaign in 2016, where anyone can invest in the company, from £50 to £500,000. In exchange, not only will you get a stake in an amazing, fast-growth company, you will also get product discounts and the chance to join our advisory board.”

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