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Oscar and Wesley, Jerry Green Dog Rescue, North Lincs

by Shake Paws

Meet Oscar and Wesley, two intelligent old fellas with the North Lincolnshire branch of Jerry Green Dog Rescue

Oscar and Wesley, two intelligent old rescue dogs with the North Lincolnshire branch of Jerry Green Dog Rescue Oscar and Wesley need you! Photo: Jerry Green Dog Rescue

These two old boys Oscar, 10, and Wesley, 13, find themselves in the caring hands of the North Lincolnshire branch of Jerry Green Dog rescue through no fault of their own. Ideally, the shelter would like to see them rehomed together, although they would accept each being rehomed with another dog.

Jerry Green Dog Rescue have clearly had some fun looking after these two old fellas:

Oscar is a big character and always gives you an enthusiastic greeting when he sees you. He loves people although he is often too busy rushing about in excitement to have a big fuss. He is very close to his best friend Wesley, who he lived with for a long time.

Toys aren’t really Oscar’s thing but he will do anything for a treat, which comes in handy for the clicker training we do at the centre. We love teaching old dogs new tricks.

Wesley is a charming old chap who never fails to make you smile. As an older boy he is a bit steady on his feet so doesn’t require lots of exercise. He is happy having a relaxed mooch about and then going in for a bite to eat and a kip on a big, comfy bed.

Don’t be too fooled, though. There is still some element of mischief left in him! Sometimes, he and Oscar will team up so he can squeeze out of the kennel when you are trying to leave. We like to think they have the Mission Impossible theme playing in their heads!

Jerry Green Dog Rescue was set up as a charity in 1961 after its eponymous patron lost his spaniel, Rusty. The charity has rehoming centres in East Yorkshire, North Lincolnshire, North Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire, as well as the South Lincolnshire site at Algakirk where you will find Flappy.

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Jerry Green Dog Rescue

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