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Keeping track of your dog walks

by Shake Paws

We often like to keep track of how far we’ve walked with our dog, Roma. MotionX GPS, an iPhone app, is what we use to do this.

MotionX GPS is easy to use, provides masses of data – more than we will ever need, including elapsed time, average speed, distance, maximum speed, total ascent/descent and gradients – and allows you to associate images with different points along your route. You can also specify modes of travel, such as on foot, on two wheels or on four, and save and share tracks with friends and via social media.

It’s worth bearing in mind that GPS apps have a habit of draining your battery quickly. If you’re planning a full day out, be prepared and take along some extra juice. Mophie’s Juice Pack PowerStation is compact and its high-output battery allows for fast charging.

MotionX GPS for iPhone costs $1.99 and is available from the App Store.