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Jodie and Lyra, with Lurcher SOS

by Shake Paws

Meet Jodie and Lyra, two young lurchers, currently in foster with Lurcher SOS

Jodie and Lyra, Lurcher SOS rescuesJodie and Lyra need you. Photo: Lurcher SOS

Room for two? This cuddly pair is Jodie and Lyra, two recent additions to the Lurcher SOS family. The bond between them is so strong that Lurcher SOS would like to see them rehomed together.

Lurchers are affectionate, loveable and enjoy a bit of fun. They are quick learners, great companions and perfect for families who enjoy getting outdoors. We know from experience that one walk a day will suffice, although two is better (for all concerned). Lurchers are quick, agile dogs that like nothing more than to charge around on open ground. Once back home, though, they are generally docile creatures, happy to curl up on the sofa or lie flat out on their backs, paws pointed skywards.

Of Jodie and Lyra, Lurcher SOS says:

Jodie recently arrived in our care from Ireland. She is about 24in to the shoulder and just over three years old.  She is vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. She is fine with people and the dogs in her foster home. Jodie is pretty much 100% in her housetraining. She is a happy little soul and would love another sighthound to play with. She can be crated and, apart from liking to tear up kitchen roll and papers from the wastepaper basket, is quite well behaved, if a bit bouncy!

Lyra has met all the dogs here and is great with them. She is a bit shy and nervous of people at the moment but we are sure she will soon settle and her confidence will build as she sees the other dogs are people loving. Lyra is not a big girl, at only 24in to the shoulder. She is just over a year old and must go to a home with another dog to give her confidence.

Both came to LSOS a few weeks ago. They were very nervous and frightened of everything and clearly very bonded. They are doing well, much braver and less worried. They are affectionate, getting to trust people and enjoy life in a home but the bond between them is no less strong. We would love to find a forever home where these girls could stay together. They are great with other dogs but would need a quieter home with much older children only as they can be easily spooked by loud noise and lots of people coming and going. They are both gentle, loving girls, good in the home and travel well. They can be left, together, for reasonable periods. Jodie is the more confident of the two but Lyra will take her lead from Jodie, and is much happier with Jodie by her side.

Jodie, Lurcher SOS rescuesJodie is a beautiful rough-coated lurcher, currently in foster with Lurcher SOS

Lyra, Lurcher SOS rescuesLyra would love to be rehomed with another dog, and Jodie is her companion of choice

While based in the south of England, Lurcher SOS has re-homed dogs as far afield as Scotland and Wales.

Go on, give this pair of deserving dogs a home.

HT to our friend Julie Brown for bringing these two to our attention!


Lurcher SOS Sighthound Rescue

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