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Test report: Hem and Boo quilted dog bed

by Shake Paws

Scroll through Hem and Boo’s range of quality dog beds and mats, and you are bound to find one to suit you and your dog

Hem and Boo quilted dog bed in black and soft appleHem and Boo’s quilted dog bed comes in black and soft apple

Made in the UK, Hem and Boo’s quilted dog bed is a quality item, and it fits right in with our decor. More importantly, our dog Roma loves it and spends hours lounging around in it of an evening when I reclaim our small, two-seater sofa. At least she does until she realises I will allow her back up on the sofa beside me.

The covers for both the cushion and the shell can be removed and machine washed, as can the cushions, which have waterproof linings. The same is true of other dog beds in Hem and Boo’s growing quilted range.

After buying one too many ‘throwaway’ dog beds from a local market, we finally decided to splash out on something that would stand the test of time. It felt so wrong having to dispose of the cheap dog beds every few months because they did not have removable covers or waterproofed inner cushions, most of which were too big to fit in the washing machine anyway.

Two years in and Roma’s Hem and Boo dog bed is still going strong.

Highly recommended and available from Hem and Boo’s Amazon UK store (£98.99, large) in small, medium, large and extra large sizes.

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