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Garmin adds Delta Smart to dog shock collar range

by Shake Paws

Best known for a range of products that get you home, or away, Garmin now has dog shock collars in its line-up

The company best known for its navigational GPS products has introduced a number of dog shock collars since it bought ‘industry leader’ in that arena Tri‑Tronics in 2012.

Here’s a taste of what the Washington Post has to say about Garmin’s latest addition, the Delta Smart:

[T]he product’s primary selling point, according to Garmin, is its ability to “reduce or eliminate unwanted behaviors” and make your dog a “more enjoyable member of the family.” How? By either beeping, vibrating or issuing “static” at one of 10 levels when a dog does something its owners don’t want it to do, including barking. In other words, it can function as what’s more commonly known as a shock collar, and it can work remotely.

Garmin even put out a video to publicise the launch of the Delta Smart.

The Delta Smart and other products in Garmin’s ‘pet product’ range are aversive training devices – the no-pain, no-gain approach to dog training – and we urge Shake Paws’ visitors to avoid all such techniques.