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Five reasons to rescue an older dog

by Shake Paws

How one older dog got her second chance and why rescuing one could be the best decision you will ever make

Rescue an older dog, JemWe adopted our last dog, Jem, age 6, and she provided us with a further six happy years

While out walking Roma recently, we bumped into a dog walker we come across from time to time. She had two dogs with her on that occasion, one of which we had never met before. Her name was Roxy, a ten-year-old Border Collie who had only been rescued that week. The dog walker explained that Roxy’s arrival came about following the death of her new owners’ pet Labrador Retriever the previous week. Then she told us Roxy’s story.

Roxy had been with her previous owners since she was a puppy. When they decided to up sticks and move 200 miles across the country, they had no intention of taking Roxy along for the ride. Instead, they took Roxy to their vet to be put to sleep. The vet checked over Roxy and found a healthy, happy dog. After the owners said their goodbyes, he decided not to follow through with their wishes and took Roxy to a local rescue shelter where her present owners discovered her a few weeks later. Roxy is one of the lucky ones.

Many older dogs end up in rescue centres for entirely less callous reasons. Often, their owners are simply unable to look after a dog any more, because of a change in circumstances. Here are five reasons why an older dog might be good for you:

  • Older dogs are not teething puppies, so they won’t chew on you or your furniture.
  • Older dogs are more than likely house trained, so you won’t find yourself clearing up after them as often as you would a puppy.
  • Older dogs have grown into their size and personality – what you see is what you get.
  • Older dogs are used to homes and routines. They are less likely to need night-time feeds and toilet breaks.
  • Instant love: once settled into a new, loving home, an older dog will be grateful for a second chance in life.

Download our poster Five reasons to adopt an older dog, pin it up at work and spread the word.

In the UK, the Oldies Club specialises in finding homes for older dogs. The Senior Dogs Project performs a similar role in the US. Visit their websites to find out more or simply pop down to your local rescue shelter – there’s always an oldie looking for a second chance.