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Everyday ‘human’ foods that are safe for dogs

by Shake Paws

SP-dog-eating-watermeloon Dogs love watermelon. Photo: Flickr/Luiz Gustavo Leme, Creative Commons Licence

While many experts agree that it is a bad idea to feed dogs ‘human’ foods, there are many foods that are both safe and healthy.

Sharing our processed, high-in-sugar-and-fat-foods with our pets could lead to them developing serious health issues like pancreatitis and obesity. However, there are plenty of foods that we can share with our dogs that are not only good for us, but good for our pooches, too.

In 39 everyday foods that are safe for dogs, covers numerous meats, fruit, vegetables and herbs that you can feed your dog.

And for a list of common foods that are unsafe for your dog, check out the handy list on the Doggie Bistro site.