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Dog collar size guide

The following is intended only as a rough guide to dog collar sizes. See How to measure your dog’s collar size accurately, below.

Very small dogs 16–27.5cm (61/2–11in)

Toy and miniature breeds, Chihauhaus, Chinese Crested, Pomeranian and the like.

Small dogs 20–35cm (8–14in)

Small terriers, Griffon, Lhasa, Apso, Jack Russell, Maltese, Miniature Poodle, small spaniels and Schnauzers, growing puppies.

Medium-sized dogs 30–50cm (12–20in)

Includes Beagles, Brittanys, Corgis, Cockers, small Retrievers, Dalmatians, Boxers, Fox Terriers, Westies plus larger breeds with smaller necks, such as Irish Setters and some sighthounds.

Large dogs 40–70cm (16–28in)

Includes bloodhounds, larger boxers, Bulldogs, Chow, Shar-pei, Doberman, Shepherds, large Retrievers, Rottweilers, Great Danes, Old English Sheepdogs, Ridgebacks, Giant Schnauzer, Malamutes, Huskies.

How to measure your dog’s collar size accurately

Of course, this is only an approximate guide, as all dogs are different, even within breeds. So, if in doubt, use a tape measure to gauge your dog’s neck size accurately. There is a rule of thumb – or should we say finger – when measuring. To ensure a good fit, insert one finger between the tape measure and the neck for small dogs, two fingers for medium-sized dogs and three for large dogs.