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Ban shock collars

by Shake Paws

Research by The Kennel Club finds overwhelming support for a ban on shock collars.

sp-kennel-club-poster-592 Photo: The Kennel Club

The results of an independent survey by The Kennel Club show that 73% of the public ‘disapprove of the use of electric shock collars on dogs’, 81% agree that ‘positive reinforcement training methods can address behavioural issues in dogs without the need for negative training methods’ and 74% would ‘support the government to introduce a ban on electric shock collars’.

The Kennel Club adds:

The Kennel Club is against the use of negative training methods or devices and believes that they are both irresponsible and ineffective. There a large number of positive training tools and methods that can produce well trained dogs with absolutely no fear, pain or potential damage to the relationship between dog and handler. Furthermore, some of the most highly trained dogs in the world, including police dogs, armed forces dogs and assistance dogs are trained without the use of electric shock collars. —The Kennel Club

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