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Adopt Paws: a new app to bring rescue dogs into the limelight

by Shake Paws

What if every shelter dog had an equal chance of being found? With your help, Adopt Paws might do just that…

Adopt Paws, an app and website aimed at helping rescue dogsAdopt Paws is an app and website aimed at helping rescue dogs

When Megan Clark volunteered to build a website for her local rescue shelter, she soon discovered it wasn’t going to be easy. The cash-strapped shelter and its time-poor volunteers simply did not have the time to take photographs and get them across to Megan in an efficient manner. Finally, 11 months later she got the images she needed.

The process got Megan thinking, and she came up with the idea of building a website and an app that would allow rescue workers to upload images and create profiles directly from their phones. “Instead of photographing the animals, then trying to find time to sit at the computer to download the photos, reformat the photos, then upload the photos and fill out a lengthly profile for company websites and/or current adoption sites, you simply take a picture with your smart phone and upload immediately through the Adopt Paws app to create a new pet profile or add it to an existing one. Volunteers are also given access to post photos and/or edit profiles, so you get all the cute, personality pictures you’ve been hoping for,” says Megan.

Recently, Megan started a Kickstarter campaign to generate the funding she will need to complete her project. Here is a takeaway from that campaign:

Our main goal is to have as many animals as possible seen by potential adopters and to allow time saving technology to assist shelters on posting these profiles for their animals.

Adopt Paws is an app and website that generates animals near you, or in your chosen locations, in need of rescue. Swipe through pet profiles or see a list of results with all the information you need to make a decision and be put in contact with the shelter. See which animals are scheduled for euthanization so you can swoop in and save them! Donate immediately from your phone to Adopt Paws and/or in the name of a specific animal. You can also fill out one universal adoption application that can be used for any participating shelters.

If you would like to see Megan’s ideas come to fruition, consider donating to her Kickstarter campaign.